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Vorze A10 Cyclone SA +PLUS - Hands Free Interactive Sex Toy Review

Vorze A10 Cyclone or Rends A10 Cyclone. Two names for the same toy (Rends is the parent company of Vorze). The original A10 Cyclone was a pioneer that spawned many imitators. That electric masturbator was a motorized, rotating version of a cup-type masturbator like the Tenga or Fleshlight. Unlike piston-type electric masturbator toys, the rotating mechanism is probably able to use a simpler motor for better durability and lower price. However, it was loud and had too many separate parts. This new design has become quite the masturbation machine by throwing out the old design and putting everything into one single, elegant unit with a new and greatly improved, quiet motor. This new unit is called the A10 Cyclone SA +Plus, with the SA standing for “Stand Alone.” It’s also under RENDS’s new lifestyle-oriented brand, Vorze, which seems to be trying to reach out to the international community.

This hands free masturbation device can be used on its own, but it's also an interactive sex toy that can wirelessly connect to your Windows PC and be synchronized to the movements in your favorite porn videos with the included software. To be used it requires you to insert one of several different, exclusive A10 Cyclone Sleeves. There are the Master, Vortex, W-Flap, Infinity, Crystal, and Spiral. For this review I will be using the Master and will talk about the stand alone use of the unit with an overview of my experience with the wireless capabilities.

The box it comes in is a cool and simple hexagonal white cylinder with minimal text. Very nice compared to the typical Japanese male masturbation toy. Included is a charger, a wireless adapter for your computer, and a DVD for software and sample video. It takes about 2 hours of charging time and can last for about 2 hours, which is pretty good.

Using the interactive masturbator is fairly straight forward. Put a masturbation sleeve into the black inner casing and put it back together. There are some more little details to be aware of but it’s covered pretty well in the instruction manual. There is a power button, buttons to control speed and pattern, and a colored led mode indicator that also works as a pause button if held down.

The sleeves look like your average masturbation sleeve with 4 large flaps on the outside. The material quality seems pretty average also. I don’t recommend flipping it inside out to clean for fear of ripping the entrance hole. The ‘Master' masturbation sleeve, which I’ll be using for the review has 8 large ribs going along the length of the sleeve. The insertion hole is pretty narrow. You need to use plenty of lube inside as well as put some lube on the penis to get inside. It has a tight feel, but the softness was pretty good, with no pain. It felt good, but still seems a bit over-priced for something I might have to replace every month or 2, but maybe it will last longer than I’m expecting.

When turning it on, the first thing I noticed was how quiet the motor is. The old model was like using a laundry dryer. With this, you can use it in the middle of the night without waking anybody up.

Feeling wise, it’s a stimulation I’ve never felt from male masturbation devices before. You don’t really feel the ribbing, but more of a soft, thick, wet feel. It’s not like the artificial car wash brush feel of other toys, but more fleshy and natural. It was pretty close to the feel of a blowjob, with the ribs acting like a tongue, moving around my dick. Being able to change the pattern was a nice feature. You can make it go left to right, or rotate in the opposite direction, there are several different patterns to choose from, making for lots of variety.

I started in the lowest level, and the high-power motor had really nice and smooth movement. Previous masturbation machines were like a pick-up truck with loud, rumbling engines. This one is more like a hybrid-car, really quiet, moving nice and smooth.

As I raised the speed, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, but it felt so good I let out a little moan. lol I did notice that if using the higher speeds, depending on the pattern used, it can pull on the skin which can be a bit painful, so be careful of that. But if used well, it can go from a nice and slow, gradual sensation, to an incredible, high-speed finish to orgasm. It also gets louder in the higher speeds.

Just using it on its own I thought this thing left every other mechanical male masturbation toy in the dust. I think I’ll be addicted to this for a while. It can be used for quick orgasms, or you can just leave it on the slow setting for long sessions. Without the wireless features, I already think this is a great choice for anyone looking for a different experience with hands free male masturbation.

But of course, the wireless feature is definitely a key point to the A-10 Cyclone SA and one that makes it truly unique and sets it apart from its competitors.

To use the wireless features, first install the VORZE Player from the DVD or download from the Vorze website. After installation, plug the USB unit into a USB slot on your PC and turn on the A-10 Cyclone SA, they should be synced and ready for use.

There is a software user guide included but mine was in Japanese. You can download an English version directly from the Vorze site, titled “Please read this first.” You can also download a VORZE Playfile-Maker to create custom play file for custom movement patterns to sync with any compatible video. The files types that work with the VORZE Player and Playfile-maker are mp4, WMV, AVI, and MOV. If your video is a different file type it won’t work, but those are the most common types and it also works with DVDs. You can also create play files using any spreadsheet program.

I will use the sample DVD and playfile for this review. The software is in Japanese, but shows up as a bunch of strange symbols on my American Windows PC. I clicked the picture of a disc at the bottom to load the DVD and clicked OK. The other buttons next to the disc are for opening a video file, and the other for the play file. The Japanese title of the play file would not work with the software for me, but renaming to just English fixed that problem.

The player has your basic video controls and can go full-screen. Fast forward and rewind skips through both the video and play file seamlessly. The sample DVD includes a hand-job scene, blowjob scene, and a sex scene starring a lovely Japanese woman. Sadly it uses a thin mosaic censor on the penis and vagina, but it’s not too bad. The playfile does a really nice job following the movements of the video; it goes faster, when she moves faster, and slower when she’s slower. It could be refined a bit, but it was pretty good. It was especially good during the blowjob scene. During the sex scene, you really notice the pitfalls of the rotating design, and here is where it could really benefit from a piston type machine.

Though you can create your own custom play files, the process is very time consuming and is really only for the dedicated. You can find custom files for specific movies at If Porn makers released play files along with videos, I can see this being very successful for the average consumer. Using the different sleeves I imagine should also change the experience drastically with different styles to match the user’s preference.

Overall, there is a great feature set here. It works and feels amazing by itself, but also has incredible wireless capabilities. If this system were to grow and develop with collaborations with the Porn industry and help from the online community, it can be a huge hit!



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