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Anal W Position - Anal Onahole Masturbator Review

I recently received the “Anal W Position” from RIDE JAPAN. Like the name suggest, it is an anal masturbator that is made in Japan.

Generally, anal masturbators have been added in as an addition to the pussy masturbators featuring two holes. With those, since the pussy is the main hole to use, the anal hole has been mediocre or just a tight hole without structure. I’ll be going into detail on how this anal masturbator from RIDE JAPAN performs.

First off, the package features a loli-faced, anime-styled character in a provocative position. 

Looking all around the package, you can see the detailed images of the internal structure of the toy.  

Once opened, it comes beautifully packaged with a printed insert similar to the front of the package. Inside, you will find the Anal W Position and a single-use lubricant.

Upon opening the package, you can feel the oily smooth finish on the toy. Some oil bleed may be visible in the photos where the toy was placed down. However, the oil is not excessive compared to other similar toys and it is not sticky. When held up to the nose, there is a slight smell but nothing unpleasant. 

The soft Baby Touch material is used on this toy and is feels very good to hold. It is very elastic and will retain its shape even after a hard squeeze. Although there is a very meaty entrance to the hole, the overall toy is pretty slim. The base of the toy is a texture finish that makes gripping the toy easier during use.

The hole on the masturbator is pretty tight measuring at around ¼ inch. Using the supplied lubricant, the first you thing you notice is that it is a tight entry. Pushing against the hole, you can feel the soft outer material wrapping around the head of the penis and after that, it will go in smoothly. There is no painful or difficult entry that is common amongst other anal toys.

The inner material is supposed to be slightly harder than the outside for a better feeling but upon insertion, it doesn’t feel so hard but you can feel it wrapping your entire penis. It is a much tighter and different feeling compared to a pussy masturbator.

The inside of the toy features different textures on the top and bottom. The top has flaps that give the user a good stimulation during insertion. The bottom texture is similar to pussy masturbators where it features a bumpy texture to a more defined stimulation.

When stroking the toy, it is clear that the top flaps produce a unique and powerful stimulation. The bottom bumpy texture can be felt but almost feels like the top flaps are so strong that you will forget about the bottom texture. The combination of the two textures provides a good accent and feels very good. 

By flipping the toy upside-down during use, the stimulation that was felt on the top of the penis is now directed to the bottom which offers a totally different feeling. Personally, I like the feeling that is felt on the underside of the penis. Soon after using, I have reached my limits but the stimulation is not too strong and not too weak.

Speaking of durability, a small fracture crack can be seen by the entrance of the toy but considering the soft material of the toy, I believe that it will have sufficient use. The inner material seems to be attached very well and doesn’t look like it will be coming apart off anytime soon.



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