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Nurse's Special Treatment - hands free male masturbation toy Review

This is a large-sized ass sex toy masturbator with two holes, vaginal and anal, and it's heavy enough to be used hands-free too. Let's take a closer look.

The reason I was interested in this one is so that I could combine it with titfuck sex toys. And in that regard it worked out perfectly. The ass sex toy is heavy enough to be hands-free so you can hump away down there and have your hands free up there to enjoy the boobs.

Lying on its back, the front is intended for missionary-style humping. The front is not that visually appealing to me, but that's fine, you won't see it anyway when you hump it missionary style. Where this ass sex toy really shines visually is when you go doggy style. They really nailed humping a hot bubble butt in a small format. This surprised me a lot. It doesn't seem to matter that it's smaller than a real ass. The brain believes what it sees and the visual illusion works. Very hot!

The Feel

Like I mentioned this toy shines doggy style. That is in large part to the butt, it feels really nice to grab hold of the hip and butt from behind. It feels like skin, although a lot less soft. You won't get any ass jiggle from this ass sex toy. It smells really nice, like skin after a nice shower with soap.

The Vagina Hole

It has a nice tight opening that grabs hold of your shaft. I felt like there are two sections to enjoy, the middle part which gives a really nice massage with excellent sensations. The inner part is a cervix like structure which was also very enjoyable. The cervix is an extra tight part that strokes your penis every time you enter, while the inner part is less tight with milder sensations.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the vagina, both missionary, and doggy-style. Particularly while having my face buried in the boobs toy 😉

The Anal Hole

The ass feels okey, but it's far away from how good the vagina feels. It's quite tight, that's all. I didn't feel many sensations in comparison to the vagina. I doubt I will be hanging around much there in the future. Those nubs in the anal hole were like, meh, wanna go back to the vagina…


It's pretty easy to clean. You need to direct a stream of running water at the holes and finger it until it's clean. Pay extra attention to getting the cervix clean. You can not turn this masturbator inside out. Our cleaning article is a must-read for this toy, it has some simple steps for keeping your sex toy dry and clean.


It's a single layer ass sex toy with a meaty structure. It looks like it will last a long time.

My Rating


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