Puni Hole DX to the left, Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 to the right

Puni Ana DX VS
Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000

A few years ago, Japanese male sex toy manufacturer EXE created a pussy and ass masturbator hip onahole called the Puni Hole DX, which I previously reviewed. It was a large dual holed masturbator shaped like the hip area of a girl with penetrable pussy and ass. It helped create a new standard of what hip onahole masturbators can be. It has a great looking design with nice little details, great feeling durable material, had a nice weight and heft, but not overly large that it can get in the way.

Fast forward a couple years, and EXE’s parent company Outvision Group released another great looking hip onahole masturbator under their brand, PxPxP. They named it the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000. With a name like that, you would expect something big, and it definitely delivers. It is similar to the Puni Hole DX in many ways in that it has a penetrable vagina and ass hole, has nice detailed design, and is similar in size and weight. But along with the different branding, the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 has a different doggy style design, different materials, and different accessories!

With similar characteristics, it might be hard to decide which of these hip style masturbators is the right toy for you. I’ll discuss some of the similarities and differences to help you decide!

Puni Hole DX to the left, Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 to the right.

First the similarities. The Puni Hole DX is said to be 2.4kg or 2400g, while the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 is 2kg or 2000g which is where its name comes from. While the Puni Hole DX is slightly bigger and heavier, there really isn’t much of a difference during use. While having a nice size, both are not 1:1 scale of a human body. This makes it a lot easier to handle. They both look great though, with some nice pussy lip details, and nice round rubber asses. Both have dual holes with an open-ended design. Both holes converge into a single hole at the back which offers some help while cleaning, but both are still a pain to clean because of the two holes and size. The insides also have pretty similar structures, with a windy vagina tunnel lined with bumps and a straighter anal tunnel with different assortments of ribbing. Both also include a nice sized bottle of lube. They both have a pretty normal levels of oil bleed and have that clay smell. It’s not overly strong, but you can smell it if it’s around your face.

I already wrote about the Puni Hole DX in my review of it so check that out if you want more detail about it, but here I’ll be mostly writing about it in comparison to the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000.

Puni Hole DX to the left, Puni Fuwa Mocchi to the right.

First the most noticeable and obvious difference is the overall shape and design. While the Puni Ana DX doesn’t have any legs, the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 has two stumps sticking out of it for legs. This makes the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 ideal for doggy style as the legs provide a nice platform to place the masturbator toy on any flat surface. It looks really good as it sticks its ass in air ready for a pounding. The Puni Hole DX can be used doggy style, but doesn’t really have a good platform for any stability, so would have to be held while you do it.

Both can be used in many different positions, but the lack of legs makes the Puni Hole DX better for all other positions, and looks better while doing it. The Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000’s legs can get in the way when doing it missionary, and is not as comfortable holding it on top of you. The Puni Hole DX also has nicer details all around it, from a nice belly button and bigger puffier pussy lips. If you want a hip style male masturbator toy for mostly doggy-style the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 is better and looks really good doing so, but the Puni Hole DX is the more versatile choice.

Inside the Puni Hole DX
Inside the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000

But of course for most people the feel is going to be the deciding factor. While both materials have a nice feel, the Puni Hole DX material is noticeabley harder with a bit of an orange hue, while the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 is softer and is a soft whitish color. First in terms of insertion, the Puni Fuwa Mocchi is harder to get inside either hole. You’d need a full-on erection to get into either hole with a good amount of lube. The Puni Hole DX on the other hand, is a bit easier. While the material is harder on the Puni Hole DX, the stimulation was not much stronger. Both actually offered a decent amount of stimulation in the vagina. The biggest difference in feel is that the Puni Hole DX felt a bit tighter, while the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 had a more enveloping feel. This was more noticeable in the anal hole. The Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 had a great pushing through feel, while the Puni Hole DX was kind of lacking in much of anything. So if you want a nice anal feel, the Puni Fuwa Mocchi is the better choice. Both are equally great and tight in the vagina, however.

Puni Hole DX accessories
Puni Fuwa Mocchi Accessories

I mentioned the accessories were different, but I don’t think it was much of a selling point, as neither one were really great. The Puni Hole DX includes a CD with some graphics of the box art, while the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 comes with a pair of panties. The panties are a bit too big for the toy, while you can make it look good in pictures, it doesn’t really add much in actual use.

Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 with panties on. (panty design may vary)

Overall I think both are great hip style pussy and ass sex toys. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but hopefully with this guide, you can choose the toy that’s better for you.

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Puni Ana DX


Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000


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