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TENGA Original Vacuum Cup - Masturbator Review

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup (previously called TENGA Deep Throat Cup) is made of an actual plastic cup, or I should say container, and in it, there is clear elastomer material with a hole in the center. There is a valve at the other end of the cup which allows you to control suction strength by opening and closing with your finger.

An incredible tightness is achieved by the hourglass shape of the cup. It also makes a sucking sound when you stroke. And the sucking sound creates extra vibration which gives you more sensation. Pretty clever design.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is cheap. It's only about a little $10 depends on where you purchase, and I think it's a good starter masturbator if you have never used male masturbators before. It has been sold more than 1,000,000 all over the world. The number proves that this little male sex toy really works.

It is also a disposable male masturbator because the hard plastic exterior cup makes it impossible to turn inside out for cleaning.  Although it is not recommended, I know many guys use it for at least a few times. You can wash inside by sticking your finger in it under running water. But again, it's not recommended. Bus also I know you are thinking, Who cares! Just make sure you don't share it with other people. lol.




This male masturbator is very small. It seems like it is even small for average sized penis unless you like super tight feeling.

For those who think it is way too small, TENGA has a bigger version called the U.S.A. Ultra size, and it's not much more expensive than the regular size.

Amazon Japan functions much the same as with some differences explained below:

You can change the language to English if you click the Japanese flag.


EU residents pay import duty, but the price is often lower even with import duty included in comparison to other EU stores, so it's worth it to always check the final price at Amazon Japan.

US. Check the final price to find out if you pay duty or not

How to check final price with duty & shipping

  1. Add to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Create a new account to use at Your account won't work
  4. At the payment page you can choose the preselected option just because it's faster and check the total price. When you want to pay you need to add a different payment option like debit/credit card etc
  5. You can use to do a quick currency conversion

Product Page Differences

  • Product name will be a bit different sometimes due to Amazons autotranslation.
  • Nudity is not allowed, so they will show box art without it. I confirm several times that I am linking to the right product, but if you want to make sure yourself, compare it to the original box picture in my review.

Return & Policies 

You can return items as with other Amazon sites. Read more here to find out what applies to you

✈️ Ships from US. Free shipping to the United States.

EU Shipping Price Examples: Around $76 for Chichifueta Rocket, $42 for Onahole, $86 for both combined. Fast express shipping.

EU + UK Import charges: VAT applies to all imports, ranges between 17-25% depending on country importing to. Duty never paid for total costs of €150 and below. Duty may apply above that amount. HS Code for sex toys: 331295139

Sources: Customsdutyfree, Duty Calculator.

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