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Tomax Lilith Uterus Soft - Realistic Male Masturbator Review

TOMAX, the company behind the popular Succubus and Venus male masturbator lines released their third family of masturbators, the Lilith. This new line is made with the excellent Succubus skin and like its sisters, it is available in three firmness levels (soft, regular and hard).

The Lilith male masturbator combines the look of the Venus line (more realistic pussy lips, a cylindrical shape) with the size of the Succubus line (about 6 inches long by 2 inches wide). That is where the similarities end, because the Lilith has three unique tunnel textures: Uterus, Spiral Wave, and Spiral Dots. This review is for the Lilith Uterus Soft version.

The Lilith Uterus has a realistic tunnel texture. That means no ribs, dots, or chambers, just an organic texture and tunnel shape that replicates the interior of a vagina. The realism includes a first for TOMAX masturbators: the presence of a cervix and an uterus shaped chamber at the deepest end of the tunnel. This cervix and uterus textures have two purposes. The first one is to reproduce the sensations you could feel if you hit the cervix of a woman. The second is to help you manage the suction inside the masturbator. Keep your penis no more than three-quarters inside the masturbator and squeeze the toy. You will notice an increased suction almost immediately.

If you have tried other toys featuring the cervix as part of the texture, you are probably worried about the tightness of the cervical node. In other masturbators, the tightness of the cervix is a turnoff because it feels too hard when you are moving inside the tunnel. In the Lilith Uterus, you do not have to worry. The Succubus skin material is so soft and flexible, that you feel the cervix, but it expands easily to allow you in, never “popping” during intercourse but making itself present in every thrust by caressing the sensitive penis' head. Since the tunnel has a realistic texture, the Lilith Uterus feels like a completely different toy when you change the orientation of the toy or you change the angle of penetration, giving a slightly different experience in every use.

The Uterus is a low to mid level intensity masturbator, perfect for those who like to build up an explosive orgasm. When using this masturbator, take your time so you enjoy all it has to offer.



If you know you are less sensitive, consider trying the hard version instead. Soft may not be stimulating enough for you.

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